How to Post Ads on Facebook

Not sure how to post Ads on Facebook? Here are some tips and how we get effective Facebook Posts with Group.

First, we need to find Group that has members, more members mean we can reach more people.

Second, understand the Group Rules if any before we post anything.

Third, good investment to get Post Pre-approval member for this group.

More details on the Group and Post Pre-approval member. Now can through Shopee.

Once you had done the above mentioned, now we can post faster if we got the flow, so this is how I do and for your references.

My advertisement text is usually organized in WhatsApp chat, this is how I go to the chat and find the details.

Copy the "description"

The "Copy" in android

Swap to Facebook App

Go to Group

Recommended Real Estate Ads Group

Tap on the "Photo" to choose photos from gallery

Select photos and tap "NEXT" on top right.

Find your clipboard or template to paste and amend.

Clipboard with Gboard built in with most android phone.

Paste the description and replace CTA accordingly.

Double check information and proceed to "POST"

Inspect my post using other phone, everything seems great.