Millennials not preferred property investment like elderly does?

What do you think that millennials is not preferred property investment like elderly does?

There was a article by The Sun Daily and the link here:

Do you agree with the statement?

I personally disagree and here my point of views & sharing:

First, I agree with “Due to technological advancement and continued economic globalisation, the younger generation also has more options for investment vehicles.”

Then follow by because of many option to the investment but not mean that youngsters nowadays prefer to other type of investment instead of property. Let have more numbers to tell us, as my other posts mentioned and it is also mentioned by President MIEA Chan Ai Cheng.

“Always let the data guide your decision”

Overall property transactions

Do a quick search on the keyword “overall property transactions” and we can see about 300k approximately transactions yearly for the recent year, although it is affected by the pandemic.

Means all these 140,000 are all OLDER folks? Millennials (born 1981 – 1996) are between the ages of 26 to 41.

Does this mean that all the buyers for these units are all either below 26 years old (must have super rich parents maybe?) or above 41 years old? (finally saved enough money to buy?)

Wow… How fascinating indeed if indeed millennials are not interested… with property investment.

If buy to rent out and due to price fall, just rent out according to market and remember we need to cover the balance…

Which probably 10% to 20% extra on the monthly instalment could help to rent out the property immediately.

Let's say RM1,600 expected rental but now market demand is RM1,400 then how much we need to top up by renting cheaper?

In other hand, majority of RM1,400 rental still covering the interest on the said mortgage loan. Although is negative cashflow but overall is still positive earning every month x 35 years…

Furthermore, rental stay RM1,400 for 35 years?? But mortgage loan instalment amount does.

There are a lot more bad properties nowadays

No idea what people meant when they said bad property. Cannot get tenant means bad property? Price falling means bad property? Developer ran away halfway is bad property? Cannot sell quickly is bad property? Haunted property is bad property? Overpriced property is bad property?

Just look back at the result through the search showing around 300,000 property transactions. Means how many of these 300,000 properties are bad properties since there are a lot more bad properties nowadays?

I would love to know since I do not know the actual number of bad properties which was mentioned.

Happy reading!

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